Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel or change a reservation?
Yes. This depends on the golf courses cancellation policy but most courses allow for cancellations if the tee time is more than 24 to 48 hours in the future. You can cancel by clicking the “My Account” tab, finding your reservation, then clicking the “Cancel” link next to the reservation you wish to cancel. Follow the online steps. If you do not see a “Cancel” link next to the tee time or the time is outside of the allowed cancellation window then the time is not cancellable online. Please contact the golf course directly.
How does the reward program work?
The reward program is specific to each golf course on the Play18 website. Some golf courses choose to have a reward program and others do not. To see which golf courses have active reward programs please visit the Golf Course tab on the Play18 website. When you see this link “rewards offered” next to the golf courses name they have an active reward program. Click the link to see the specific details for each golf course. Points can be redeemed anytime you are making a reservation for a tee time, provided you have the allotted points in your account.
How far in advance are tee times available?
This can be different with each golf course but usually 7 to 30 days in advance. Some courses offer up to 90 days.
Do I pay for my tee time reservation online or at the golf course?
When making a reservation online you will be required to provide a valid credit card. If there is an amount due online it will clearly state how much is due and subtract this amount from the total balance due at course. Typically a small deposit is taken online with the remaining balance due upon check-in at the golf course. The balance will be paid at the golf course when you check in for your tee time.
Why does Play18 redirect the checkout page to the golf courses website?
In most cases Play18 provides the booking engine for the golf courses website. We redirect you to the course checkout page so you can be assured to get the Best Price Guarantee.