Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
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Gold Canyon Golf Resort - Gold Canyon AZ

Course Message: Sidewinder course will be closed Mon Sept 14th - 17th to prep for overseeding. Dinosaur Mountain will remain open during major prepping Mon Oct 5 - 11. **Prepping involves turning the water off one week prior and drying out the golf course. The golf course maintenance staff will be working throughout the week cutting (scalping) the grass very short, blowing and vacuuming grass clippings. Conditions will be brown, dusty, dry and fast. Allergy Alert! Please call the Golf Shop staff should you have any questions (480)982-9449 EXT 2. Courses will be CART PATH ONLY after re-opening from overseeding for up to 6 weeks.

Augusta Ranch Golf Club - Mesa AZ

Course Message: We will begin scalping the Tees, Fairways, and Greens starting the week of Monday, September 28th. We will be CLOSED for Overseeding from October 5th thru 15th, we will re-open on Friday, October 16th and will be cart path only until Friday, November 27th. Carts will have dormant bermudagrass access on Sunday, November 1st. After October 16th the greens will be slow for around 14 Days, improving everyday. </b>Some golf courses give their lowest prices if you wait until the last minute. We think differently. We believe our most loyal guests who book in advance should get our best deals and better yet, those that book in advance with one of our loyalty cards should get an even better deal. See for yourself. Remember....1) there is no doubt that the easiest(and cheapest) way to book a tee time is with our mobile phone application. Simply go to the app store on the iPhone or Droid and book a tee time right from your living room sofa. 2) When you book online you get reward points. We have given out over 5 million reward points. Want to play just 9? Are you a junior golfer? Do you have one of our season passes? <a href="">Click Here<